Saturday, April 5, 2008

Death By Coconut

Kona Coffee

First Sunset

Well, I've been in Kona for a day now, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! very different from the rockies though. Very... um...humid....and waterlocked (is that the term?) I face west and get to watch the sunset every night...not to bad for a missionary training school i guess:)

So far I have been a definite phase of transition. Emotions come in waves but they quickly settle when I remember my job is to only follow Jesus and not worry too much about what I left behind but what I am gaining from this entire experience.

Today we had a couple meetings. This quarter apparently we are bilingual so at everything there are translators for the korean language...its awesome. I am in a specific focused DTS of Performing Arts and really those of you that know me...know I am more sporty instead of this will be a challenge. We have about 42 people in our focus and more than 1/2 are girls. I am freaking out a little just because I'm not use to being around that many girls...hmmm...yikes...well see how all this turns out. I have already made many friends and my room mates are great. We have four Americans- Cherol from D.C., Abisa from N.Y., Lexi from Oregon, me of course. We have 1 Austrailia, her name is Bec. and than theres 2 Korean girls. I have no clue how to spell or say there names. Only one of them speaks broken english and the other sits shyly behind and I haven't said a word...Kinda a weird situation but good thus far. However, having one bathroom for all the girls- a little nightmare waiting to happen.

Today we had auditions for the parts in the musical we will be performing. We auditioned infront of the entire group and I loved it. I sang...and had a great time. Most the fun was due to the song, "Baby, It's Cold Outside." :) i know wierd selection but it fits my voice and it has some attitude. However, I was the only one to not sing a christian song...instead I sang an American Christmas song about seduction...:) hahaha...classic memory. The teacher, Maria, loved it though and said I was an excellent singer and definitly had a place. I also tried breakdancing...which will be so so fun, even if all i get to do is practice with them. (Disclaimer...don't expect me to have any clue of dancing when I get back) I asked the teacher if I could dance and sing and she said "we really need you to sing...we have enough dancers." Gotta admit- I was bummed becuase i wanted to learn to dance but really I have great room mates that are willing to teach me. So well see, but also I will get to focus even more on singing. And hopefully improve in technique and perfomance.

I had my first cup of KONA coffee....I have to brag...its the best in the world! I think i've screwed my openness for crappy coffee. Sorry Folgers youve lost me forever.

Random fact of Kona: More people die from Coconuts falling on their heads than shark attacks. (And in my opinion...death by coconut- what a crappy way to go.)

Well, Im gonna go to bed now, I'm exhausted...peace.

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Pam said...

I love it! Seeing you there and reading your blogg. I love tech world!!! How interesting about your roommates. It will be a wonderful learning experience. You've been a bit spoiled with your own bathroom. Sharing is great. I'm praying for you. You are exactly where you are suppose to be in every aspect.
You are truly loved.