Saturday, July 5, 2008

bon jour from Morocco

I only have a few minutes to write but am so excited to be able to get a chance. we of course dont have internet on the road so whenever i get a chance i snag a minute. Yesterday was the first time i could write ont he internet and it was on an arabic computer- very interesting... Anyway. The adventure is good thus far. Taking up my cross daily is for sure hard but awesome. We headed to spain first and got to slept on the mountain side of Malaga in tents with the Meditterain sea a couple stone throws away. - sound like missionary work -??? yes, we had several performances and the first one we had a man come forward to accept Jesus- !!!! can we say Praise the Lord we have another citizen of Christ. My spirit soars everytime I get to have a conversation about Christ, its what i love. From Spain, we took a bus--> ferry--> train--> bus ride to Northern Africa in Morocco and this is been the hardest of my journey of DTS so far. My identity of being a women, a christian, an american is being stripped but the good part is that my identity in Chirst is something I can understand and firmly hold too now. There are great stories but one I want to tell is this. Yesterday after the performance a girl came up to me, which really they are not allowed to do here in this musilim country, and told me her name means "Virgin Mary"!!! The perfect leeway into a conversation about Christ. We talked about unconditional love and Jesus,!!!! She is again coming to the performance tonight. I can not wait to talk with her some more. Please pray for the Holy spirit to intercede in Mariums life tonight.
We leave for France on monday and have a 4 hr bus--> 2 hr ferry--> to a 12 hr train --> to a 20 HOUR BUS RIDE!!!! yup 20... please pray for our safety and our health. A couple are sick. I greatfully have not been sick. Please continue to pray that my spirit is stretched and i grow deeper with Christ. Also a contentment with just "being" with Christ but a definite uncontentment of the condition of the world. I have been meditating on Psalms 23 and Joshua 1 while in Morocco and if youd like to join me that would be great. Keep praying and praising. Jesus rocks and I love Him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all, talk to you soon. - Ashley