Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good News

I GOT IN TO DENVER SEMINARY! Thank you so much for all the prayers and the help from all those that have gotten me this far. Now I need to start applying for scholarships which is more exciting. Keep those prayers coming. - Ashley

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Year Anniversary!!!!

Could there be a more perfect day?
The day started with a "Good Morning Beautiful, Happy One Year." And then the day took off. While Patrick had school, I was on a mission to find the perfect journal to to start the new year- new year= new journal. Well I could not find the "perfect" journal so instead I bought some paper and mended my own out of an old book and ribbon.
As Patrick was making the trek across town back from school, I was sitting on my bedroom floor watching Princess Diaries with my freshly painted toe nails and curlers lining my face. I love being a woman! You can always find the excuse to get all done up and this anniversary was no exception. I think he is the only one I want to dress up for so that is saying something.
He arrived in his white button up shirt and brown cardigan looking so...mmmmmh. With a quick kiss, and a smuggling of my parents steak, we were off to the grocery store to get the rest of our dinner -Steak, garlic mash potatoes, braised asparagus, and a Caesar salad served with a glass of our favorite red wine (compliments of J.LOHR).
I was dog sitting this weekend out in Highlands Ranch so we headed back to the townhouse and the cooking began- with Siga Rous playing in the background, I chopped while Patrick cooked- yup that's the way it is. This dinner was quite exciting for me because not only was it my first anniversary but I have never had a candle light dinner. When the dinner was almost done cooking, I told Patrick I had a surprise and I had stuffed an evening dress in my back without his knowing:) I figured I wanted to dress to the 10's even if we didn't go to 5 star restaurant because he is the one I was showing off for anyway. As I walked down the stairs he just looked at me and said - YAY! (which is you know Patrick means- mhmmm and yes!)

Dinner was delicious and company quite enjoyable! After clean up we watched Julie and Julia- one of my favorite movies and I have to say that Julia Child would have been proud of the dinner we...Patrick...cooked. For dessert, Patrick had a Coffee Liqueur, Chocolate Ice Cream while I ate Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream- ah soooooooooooooooooo gooooooood.
With our stomachs aching and eyes lids drooping heavily, we fell asleep on the couch and woke up to the credits of Julie and Julia- haha- what partiers we are.
Anyway- we are hoping for another great year where we grow closer toward each other and continue following God's plan for each of our lives. This "love" thing is so exciting!!!! Cheers to you my readers and to you a good year too!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Weekend Get Away

Above pictures:
1) My dog Tucker (haha) Patrick says Tucker acts just like me.
2) The painting I did for Patrick this last Christmas
3) Patrick and I doing...whatever it is we do.

I was reading my friend Nicki's blog and I thought I needed to not just see this as an updating tool every other...year... but start saying whats really going on and not glazing over a millions details. Therefore, the new an improved information from my head and life...

- Have you ever had a week where you are mindind your own business and all the sudden your hand hits your face and says "SLAP!" That was my week haha. The hum-drum of going to school, missing a few class because they are a waste of my time, a few tests, a teacher that seems to think I care about Biology and useless information lined my walkway as the week progressed. Those mundance chores were not however the source of my SLAP! My hand came to my face over another reason- life. Real life decisions that I was unaware I would actually have to make. (HaHa). I can not go to further in depth just because I still need to process what the reality of those decisions are. But I can say that I have alot to learn.

As this week rolled on, I just started praying that the Lord would give me a place to rest. Wouldn't you know it that an old caravan leader (girl scout kinda group), whom I haven't talked with in years, dropped my name to a friend of hers that needed a dog sitter for the weekend and a few days next week. My answer of a "getaway" arrived sooner then I thought. So this morning (Saturday) Not only am I getting my retreat center, but I am getting paid to visit. Don't you wish that was the way the world worked all time? I arrived this morning and so far so good. I have done almost everything I enjoy including: grocery shopping but making it a game to see if I can spend less then $25 dollars on a weeks worth of food- success; got a Starbucks Americano with 3 pumps of C.Dolce syrup and and 1" of steam breve; and after my last sip of golden hot fluid I went home to chop up my vegetables for the week. I have to say I have a guilty pleasure when it comes to cutlery- if it cuts fast and efficient- I become obsessed. I think I ended up cutting everything I bought, even the things that didn't need cutting. Now you know if you ever need to mesmerize me, give me a good knife- I'll be occupid for hours. After I left the kitchen I worked out with an old school workout video that was laying around the house and found myself at minute 30 gasping for air. Just a quick note- if you can run a marathon, it doesn't mean you have the endurance for a dance-cardio-abe-butt busting video workout. Just a note. After nearly suffocating, I locked the door to the bathroom and took a nice hot shower. I ate lunch soon after and have been laying in this luxurious bed for...I don't know how long actually. Tonight Patrick and his band are playing a show for a charity dinner (Saving Pets or something- I don't know) and then I will come back to my silent, isolated, purple... getaway home.

My mind is finally at rest and the pressure of life seems to be fading away. Hopefully, I will be able to understand what boundaries I need to implement in my life as to not go so drained next month.Cheers.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Semester

I have started my last semester of undergrad and will be graduating this Spring if everything goes according to plan. As of right now I am applying for Denver Seminary Counseling Licensure program and hope to hear back from them soon. If you think of it, please pray that I may get a scholarship:)
I am in seven classes this semester including: Human Sexuality (oooh lala), Human Cognition, Sociology of the Family, Learning and Behavior, Global Issues, Biology, and Sociology of Human Sexuality. Yes, it is a load! The first few weeks have had me stressed to the max but I feel as the weeks progress I will learn to balance the schedule better. The problem is that I enjoy every subject (except Biology) and it makes me crazy that I can't digest the information but have to quickly complete the assignment and move on to the next.
I just started a Bible Study with a group of girls and tonight was the first night. I have a feeling that it will be a great adventure and hopefully will develop into great relationships because God knows we need friends in Aurora. I am still singing at church for the time being, I am swamped with work so singing has been put on the back burner but it is still great. I am actually taking singing "lessons" from a friend and it has been most helpful in boosting my confidence.
On an exciting note, Patrick and I are about to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! WHOO! who knew I'd ever make it this far...:) We are doing great and I am continuously being confronted with the fact that there is a never ending abyss to my personality that I will never understand. It is the curse of the Psychologist to be able to read other people but get a blank, glassy eyed glaze look when looking at yourself. Thankfully we have friends that mirror who we are and Patrick is no exception. He builds me up so much I can not even express.
I am taking this Global studies class and have been overwhelmed at the fact that the world is full of suffering and pain. Patrick gave me the eleventh chapter of Psalms to ease my frustration at how life works- read it if you get the chance.
Well, I need to go to bed right now but just wanted to give a shout out to my five followers....haha...just found out you read this thing. Haha. Love you guys. - Ash