Monday, November 2, 2009


Wow! How the time has gone. It has been a year since I last wrote. I have not felt a need to update this post considering only two people follow it. Therefore, it is slightly more secret than facebook which I like.
So an overview of the year would be good. After Lucy was born I just went back to work at Starbucks till march than quit because a series of events happened that showed me it was time to go. Thankfully, the Lord blessed me with a Nanny job for the summer with two awesome boys ages (11- Mason and 8-Max), than another nanny job for 3 young kids but I just got laid off from that one. Back in January I started school at University Colorado at Denver and have felt more at home there than any other place I believe because it challenges me to view the world differently and formulate opinions. It was quite a shock going from YWAM to Liberal USA but I really appreciate it now and actually being in the world helped me to furthermore establish my belief in Christ. I am still studying psychology and am grateful to say I now have no hesitation going forward with a counseling degree and paying for grad school. For those two of you that know me, you know what a struggle it has been trying to kill some expectations and recognize and accept my gifts and talents. I am planning on going to Denver Seminary and getting their counseling license because I believe I need to know what my point of view is as a christian and develop my faith in this area. Being at a liberal school, although freeing, sometimes drags me down because little hope is offered and we learn were not greater than the monkeys. Well, UCD...I don't believe I evolved from a monkey nor do I have a common ancestor with a monkey. God said he made human. Period. I think that if I am going to invest my time and money into an education, its gonna be the education I want that promotes my belief in Jesus and challenges me to new levels within my field. is coming along. Also, back in January I met my boyfriend PATRICK. Now this is an important name to remember for he is the most important person in my life. Hmmm- I guess January was a big month. We met at his church one night while I was visiting the place to see if I wanted to sing. He was the drummer that night and we said a quick "hi and goodbye," goodbye was meaningful because I was stolen. Now lets go back to last October (the last time I wrote). One night I was laying in bed praying and felt the lord had something intense to talk with me about. I said okay and there it was the sentence that changed my future. He said- "Ashley, you are ready to get married. I have prepared you. The next man you are interested in will be the man you're going to marry." - God. ...Now you may be thinking- "yeah right," or "I wish God spoke to me that way..." Well when God told me that...I freaked. For two months after that I didn't hang out with anyone for fear of meeting the guy I was suppose to be with. HAHA. Meanwhile, I was also praying for a place to sing...God said to go to this particular church but not yet. So I waited. January 1st came along and the freedom to go to this church came. So my parents and I went to there Saturday night service and that's the night I met PATRICK. Brown-eyed, brown-haired, drummer-boy Patrick. He didn't really notice me to much that night because at that time I had brown hair and he only goes for blonde's- ha, jokes on him! But he ended up using his friends to get me to go out with the group and eventually we started talking. Ironically, the first couple times we hung out he made me so mad because he said I can't preach because I am a girl. Oh man I was so mad! I even came home and called one of my YWAM guy friends to talk about this "stupid, small-minded guy I met." Well, the anger faded when I understood his sense of humor and after I confronted him about it. Ha Ha. He just laughed and me and told me he was not serious, that if the Lord has truly called me to be a preacher than he would support me no matter what. Well, that was the test and he past. In fact he has past every test that I have given him directly or indirectly. We fell in love one night after we went to my church up in Bolder. We sat in my car for four hours talking, laughing and listening. We got tired of talking so we wrote on the fog on my windows. That's when I fell in love with the person I knew I was gonna be with.
Now going back to January. (I told you it was big). It was no coincidence(?) that Patrick and I met January 25th. In fact, if we would have met anytime ear liar, we would have missed the timing. You see, he had been dating a girl for two years up until January 1st-ish. Than he felt compelled to break it off for good. Than who comes walking in to church??? ME. I also found out he has lived in my best friends neighborhood all our lives. I probably passed his house many times while walking with Nicki. And his sister knows my best friend...small world. I have lived 5-10 miles from him all my life but if I would have met him any other time- neither of us would have been ready.
Therefore, being in this relationship with Patrick and taught me more about caring for people, having a teachable spirit and perservering through life more than any other experience or person has. He makes me better and I love who I am becoming with him. We went down to Texas last weekend to see Nicki get married and that was the most meaningful time we have had thus far. We both got so excited because we know that that will be us one day and I will get to walk down an aisle toward him. (crying uncontrollably from happiness). But I have prayed for restraint on my heart until we are ready and the timing is right for the wedding to be planned. I have prayed for the experiences we need before we get married to really see each others true colors and learn all we can. Therefore, if you'd care too I'd love if you would pray for me, him and us as we figure out what it means to juggle life and love.
Let's see, I think that's all that's really happened. I went to San Fran to see another YWAM friend- Devin. The Holy Spirit washed over me. I've missed Him. There really is something about going to a church where the Holy Spirit is invited and than another where the Holy Spirit is castrated. (Not saying that the churches I go to do that...well, but maybe to a point they really do.) Hmmm- well I think that's about it right now. Thanks to my two fans for reading. Hope all is well.