Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Year Anniversary!!!!

Could there be a more perfect day?
The day started with a "Good Morning Beautiful, Happy One Year." And then the day took off. While Patrick had school, I was on a mission to find the perfect journal to to start the new year- new year= new journal. Well I could not find the "perfect" journal so instead I bought some paper and mended my own out of an old book and ribbon.
As Patrick was making the trek across town back from school, I was sitting on my bedroom floor watching Princess Diaries with my freshly painted toe nails and curlers lining my face. I love being a woman! You can always find the excuse to get all done up and this anniversary was no exception. I think he is the only one I want to dress up for so that is saying something.
He arrived in his white button up shirt and brown cardigan looking so...mmmmmh. With a quick kiss, and a smuggling of my parents steak, we were off to the grocery store to get the rest of our dinner -Steak, garlic mash potatoes, braised asparagus, and a Caesar salad served with a glass of our favorite red wine (compliments of J.LOHR).
I was dog sitting this weekend out in Highlands Ranch so we headed back to the townhouse and the cooking began- with Siga Rous playing in the background, I chopped while Patrick cooked- yup that's the way it is. This dinner was quite exciting for me because not only was it my first anniversary but I have never had a candle light dinner. When the dinner was almost done cooking, I told Patrick I had a surprise and I had stuffed an evening dress in my back without his knowing:) I figured I wanted to dress to the 10's even if we didn't go to 5 star restaurant because he is the one I was showing off for anyway. As I walked down the stairs he just looked at me and said - YAY! (which is you know Patrick means- mhmmm and yes!)

Dinner was delicious and company quite enjoyable! After clean up we watched Julie and Julia- one of my favorite movies and I have to say that Julia Child would have been proud of the dinner we...Patrick...cooked. For dessert, Patrick had a Coffee Liqueur, Chocolate Ice Cream while I ate Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream- ah soooooooooooooooooo gooooooood.
With our stomachs aching and eyes lids drooping heavily, we fell asleep on the couch and woke up to the credits of Julie and Julia- haha- what partiers we are.
Anyway- we are hoping for another great year where we grow closer toward each other and continue following God's plan for each of our lives. This "love" thing is so exciting!!!! Cheers to you my readers and to you a good year too!