Friday, May 30, 2008

Christmas in May?

I am so excited to write this blog because two amazing things happened to me this week!!! Get ready...
Numero uno - #1-:
I have been praying for a specific kind of instrument for about three months. I felt back in February that I needed to start praying for it and the passion to want to learn to play. So I did every time I remembered or was reminded. I specifically prayed that the instrument would fit my hands perfectly. There were times when I would lose hope but than something would trigger the desire and Id get all excited to start prayin again. Here comes the kicker...!!! On tuesday of this prayer was answered! My class was in the middle of an intercessory prayer time and one of the girls in my group raised her voice and shouted "has anyone been praying for a guitar?" ...i slowly raised my hand because I wasnt sure if what was happening was real. There was another hand that shot into the air behind me and I just assumed that because he was a little more anxious to answer the question that what ever was about to happen next was meant for him. The girl asking the quesiton however, zoomed in on me and asked how long I had been praying - "3 months" I answered. She gave a smile from ear to ear- "I have a guitar for you."
.............................................................................I, I, I, stuttered for sure and couldnt breath or speak or smile. All I could do was cry out in joy. I honestly don't know if I have ever been that speechless or overwhelmed with excitment or humility. Rachel, the girl giving the guitar, ran over to me in front of my class, handed me the guitar and started crying with me. At this point, I still couldn't talk. It felt like Jesus was just delighted in how He had blessed me that day! Rachel told me the story behind the guitar also known as "Claudia" - the guitars name. Rachel went on to tell me how she, herself had been praying for a guitar and that her best friend felt she should send hers from home. So her best friend packed up the guitar and sent it to Rachel without her knowing. Rachel received it and was blessed but apparently she knew right away that it wasn't meant for her. Rachel said she received a word from God that it was meant for someone else. Rachel called her best friend to ask if it was okay to give away but before Rachel could open her mouth, her best friend told her that God had instructed her to tell Rachel that the guitar was meant for someone else on her DTS. God spoke to both girls seperatly the exact same word. Truly amazing. So Rachel prayed about who to give it too all weekend but there was no answer. On tuesday morning however during that prayer time, she had the "go ahead" to ask the question. I answered. God gave me a guitar on tuesday. Not only that, but the guitar fits into my hands perfectly. Claudia (the guitar) is beautiful. She has scars but that makes her have so much more character- and from the moment the guitar was placed in my hands- I havent let go. I have already cried with this guitar, worshipped and sang with every once inside of me total praise to Jesus. I honestly dont know of another time when the Lord has so specifically answered my prayers. I saw a different part of God that day, the part where He wants to see us breathlessly happy! He loves us that much. :) :) :) = That was a good day!
Now that was only one blessing this week. The second is almost as crazy.

Numero dos- #2- The first couple days of being in Kona were awesome but when I heard the worhsip team for the first heart leap for Joy and pounded like a rock in my chest. I have always had the desire to worhsip but have surpressed it so long that it took me awhile to admit that I love it! I had the desire form the first day of being in Kona, that I wanted to help lead worship with this worship team in front of the corporate body of believes at least once before I left. Only catch was, I was intimidated to talk with any of them. It was a long time before I met any of them and it just so happens that I ran into the main worhsip leader at Dennys late one nite. We talked a bit and I asked if they let people do that...He seemed only slightly interested. I went home and was a bit dissappointed. But than just one week after that little meeting, guess who comes walking up to me? (You can only imagine Im sure) Yes, that same worship leader. He looks real excited and tell me about a story of somehow, someway he heard me sing somewhere and sometime...(yeah sorry no details, I was just too excited that he appoarched me too even listen to what he was saying)! anyway, bottomline- he asked me and one of my good girlfriends, andy, - also an amazing vocalist- to lead worhsip with him this thursday night!!!! Ummmmmm, can we say, a MIRACLE!!!!(im singing that by the way)!
So last night, I got to participate in the MOST amazing worship service ever. Ever EVER!!! Not only was the service great and worship freeing, we raised over $55,000.00 in fundraising that night. We sang the song, "open the floodgates of Heaven, let it RAIN!!!" - He opened, it rained...pretty cool huh? :) Well, anyway, my dream and love for music has skyrocket this last week and I know it was all in His amazing time that He brought me back to my natural love of Music! Amen, thank you Lord!

Awesome, alright, love you all! Thanks for sharing in this with me. Thank you Lord!